Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hat in the ring

Today I am officially announcing my candidacy for President in 2008. I expect this web site to be the start of a groundswell of grassroot support which will sweep me clear to the White House. Hey, it worked for Howard Dean.

Unlike most candidates, I will not start my campaign with a bunch of fluffy, feel-good speeches, but rather by laying out my platform and stating positions on as many important issues as possible.

1. Government spending -- In my first year in office, my major task will be to eliminate entire categories of government spending. Any program which is ineffective, wasteful, or unbeneficial will be cut. Any spending which subsidizes or promotes irresponsible behavior will be eliminated. Bill which exceeds the scope and authority of the Federal Government as defined in the Constitution will be repealed. A vast number of pieces of Legislation which make dubious claim based on the "interstate commerce" clause will fall into this category. Programs dealing with issues better handled at a state or local level will be eliminated. These cuts in spending will create an immediate budget surplus, preparing the way for tax code changes.

2. Tax code replacement -- I will propose a complete repeal of the tax code and a new consumption tax to replace it. Eliminate the income tax, payroll tax, capital gains tax, gift tax, death tax, alternative minimum tax, self-employment tax, corporate tax, and all the special perks which lobbyists have pushed on us for decades. Then repeal the 16th Amendment to assure that the income tax is gone for good. I will replace it with a 20% sales tax on all new goods and services. Each month, every family will receive a "prebate" consisting of the taxes they would pay to live at the poverty level. This will result in millions of families paying little or no taxes. Regardless of what a person earns, if they live modestly, save and invest in our economy rather than consume, their tax bill will be light. Live extravagantly and the tax bill will be higher. Congress may not like this, because it will take away one of their largest sources of power -- manipulation of the tax code. However, the consumption tax will no longer punish the creation of wealth, which is the driving force of our economy. It will encourage saving and investing and remove loopholes which cause businesses to operate inefficiently. Americans for Fair Taxation has a proposal similar to mine.

3. Social security -- Having eliminated the payroll tax which funds the current Social Security system, we need a new way to ensure that everyone has a chance to reach a secure retirement. Because there is no tax on income or capital gains, middle and upper income people can save and invest as they see fit. IRAs and 401ks will no longer be necessary. Lower income people will be eligible to establish their own Social Security account, which they will own. Their own contributions will be matched by government money on a scale determined by their income. Participants will invest their money in any of a number of appropriate investment options, including well-diversified stock and bond mutual funds. The funds will be eligible for withdrawal at retirement age, to pay college expenses, or in case of certain hardships.

4. Terrorism -- I will continue with President Bush's policy of hunting down and killing or capturing terrorists wherever they may be hiding. I will be an unapologetic friend and ally of Israel. I will make sure that we continue to have the best military in the world to accomplish this objective and to maintain peace and a solid defense.

5. Second Amendment -- I will repeal all gun control laws which prevent law-abiding citizens from owning or bearing arms appropriate for a well-regulated militia. This includes the Gun Control Acts of 1934 and 1968, and the Brady Bill. As Commander In Chief of the armed forces I will issue an executive order protecting the right of all citizens to carry firearms as part of the citizen militia. I will enforce tough penalties on those who misuse firearms in the commission of a crime.

6. Abortion -- Abortion is the killing of a unique and individual human being. I will do all that is possible to eliminate the abortion industry and end this horrific practice. I will eliminate all Federal funding of abortion, push for a reversal of Roe V. Wade, and pursue all judicial and legislative routes to stop abortion.

7. Regulation -- I will replace excessive government regulation with free market regulation. I will require full disclosure of safety, health, and quality information from manufacturers and providers of goods and services. Consumers will then be able to make informed decisions about what products to buy.

8. Campaign reform -- I will propose a campaign reform bill which permits campaign contributions only from individuals registered to vote in the district of the candidate. Second-hand contributions will not be permitted. All contributions must be publicly disclosed.

Please drop me a line and let me know what you think of this.

Announcement of my running mate will be forthcoming.


todd said...

You so have my vote! 1)You are the only candidate to publish his platform. 2)I believe you could do it. 3)While you may have trouble if there is Democratic Congress, the conservative blogging world is behind you! I wish I had read this sooner. I'll start the grassroots campaign now.

todd said...

I'll just be your eye candy running mate!!