Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Booze talking

James Mee, the Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy who arrested Mel Gibson for drunk driving, downplayed the celebrity's anti-Semitic tirade as "Just booze talking". I'm not cutting him that much slack. Alcohol lowers people's inhibitions, causing them to say things which their normal self restraint would have prevented them from saying when they are sober. Alcohol does not change a person's opinions or character. It simply reveals what is inside that we usually don't let out. Unfortunately, this gives credence to Gibson's critics who attacked his film "The Passion of the Christ" as anti-Semitic. While the film did present an unflattering view of the Jewish religious leaders who conspired to put Jesus to death, it must be pointed out that the disciples who defended Jesus and Jesus himself are also Jewish. The Jews are God's chosen people, and those who try to harm them will eventually answer to a power even more fearsome than the Israeli military. In any conflict between the Jews and those who wish to destory the Jews, you will find me firmly on the side of the Jews. Some people will try to conflate Gibson's abhorrent views with Jesus or Christianity. However, one person's views which are entirely contrary to the teachings of Christ and the Christian Church reflect on that person, not on Christ. Perhaps this should be a lesson to the Church not to count on Hollywood to deliver the message that we should be communicating to the people we are in contact with every day.


Tom said...

I actually applaude people that are honest.. Of course Christianity is anti-Semitic.. the Jews killed your savior, right? There's been 2 thousands years of anti-semitism in the Christian religion. Heck, we've even had recent popes apologizing for it..

But now it's not so politically correct to hate on the Jews - especially because the Jews hate the Muslims, which works for the Christians.. so now we have Christians run from the built-in hatred in their religion by saying they have nothing against Jews.. uh huh..

But please.. the whole idea of Christianity is founded on anti-semitism. Just by definition - Christians believe that Jews are going to hell. How is that not anti-Semetic by definition?

Gibson is just yet another looney toons nutjob in a long line of far right Christian nut jobs.. finally revealed as the total hypocrits they are..

Don Dodson said...

No one killed Jesus. He gave his life freely. That was his purpose for being born. And Jesus is a Jew, so Christianity, founded on Jesus, is by definition pro-Jew.

I don't know that the Jews hate the Muslims so much as the Muslims hate the Jews. The Jews are God's chosen people, so a blanket statement that they are going to hell is not at all accurate. Anyone who makes that claim must not have read what the Bible says about Abraham. Jesus even said that salvation is from the Jews. I believe that God will be just with them.

Tom said...

Actually.. what Jesus said; assuming of course that there was a Jesus, he actually said this, and somebody wrote it down correctly.. then translated it correctly countless times over 2 thousand or so years.. was..

"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Which most Christians interpret to mean that you have to be a Christian to go to heaven. Since the Jews deny the divinity of Christ - they obviously aren't going "through" Jesus and will surely burn in hell.

After all - if just being a "good person" can get you into heaven, then I'll see you there..

But then.. the Christians would really hate seeing me show up at the party..

Don Dodson said...

Being a good person is certainly not enough. But Abraham, the original Jew, was saved by faith just as we are today. This is stated in several places in the Bible, both Old and New Testament.