Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Misspeaking really fast

Fran Capo holds the world record for fast talking. She spoke 603.32 words in 54.2 seconds. Don't ask me what the last 8/25th of a word was, because I have no idea. To set this record, Capo spoke more than 11 words a second for nearly a minute.

This record has stood since 1986, but now Fran Capo has competition.

Last week, Hillary Clinton told a dramatic tale about her 1996 visit to Bosnia, in which she described landing under sniper fire and running to their vehicles with their heads down to avoid being shot. Video footage of Hillary's arrival has since surfaced, showing Hillary and Chelsea casually strolling across the tarmac, being greeted by an entourage, and listening as an eight-year-old girl read a poem. Now that the truth is out, Hillary really is ducking for cover.

"I say a lot of things -- millions of words a day -- so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement," she said.

"Millions" being plural, indicates two or more. If she blabbered nonstop for the entire twenty-four hour period, she would have to speak at a rate of more than 23 words per second to spew two million words. That is more than twice the record-setting pace that Fran Capo could sustain for 54 seconds. No doubt this claim was simply another case of Hillary misspeaking.

It seems that Hillary is very prone to misspeaking.

Perhaps she should slow down and focus on straight talk rather than on fast talk. But it seems that someone has already claimed that territory.

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