Monday, June 02, 2008

Pick the date

The "eggheads and African Americans" coalition is eagerly anticipating Hillary's departure from the race, but they may be premature. When do you think that Hillary will officially announce "I'm out, and I'm out to lose" as she quietly slinks back to New York to drown her sorrow in Canadian whiskey imported under the terms of NAFTA?

Reply to this post with your prediction of the date. If Hillary is still in the race after the date you pick, you are disqualified. Whoever picks the date exactly or overshoots by the smallest amount will win a fabulous prize: one "Audacity of Hype" bumper sticker to proudly display on your car.

Remember, Hillary is a fighter!


Dave said...

She is in until the convention.

David said...

She quits Tuesday June 3rd.

todd said...

Is it too late to pick?

David said...

Todd, did she quit? In true Clinton fashion, I think she "suspended" her campaign? Technically, she's still in it, correct? Under campaign suspension she can still raise funds. Nothing like asking the folks that have already given you $250 million for even more. Plus, as she already pointed out, RFK was assassinated in June 1968!

And if she did quit, I already won - hehe.

Don Dodson said...

This one is a judgement call. I'm going to declare Dave the winner because Hillary was still in the race on June 4, the day after David's guess. It doesn't really matter if "suspending" her campaign means that she is out, according to the rules. In my opinion, she suspended her campaign rather than withdrawing so that she can keep trying to raise money to recoup some of the $22 million that she and BJ Clinton loaned to her campaign. But maybe I am wrong, and she is quietly lobbying superdelegates, preparing a surprise at the convention.