Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Joining the NRA

“It is a shame,” said Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California. “But you have to come to a realization around here that at this point in time, the N.R.A. gets the votes,” she said referring to the National Rifle Association.

With an endorsement like that, I think that I will have to join the NRA.


The Donald said...

And they're presently running a promotion where the first year is free, so nothing to lose.

As for me, have been a Lifer since the late '80s or early '90s.

todd said...

I joined but I think I'm just on the lifetime weekly mailing list. Man, they don't let up!

Don Dodson said...

Todd, call them and ask to be put on the less mail list.

David H said...

I was a member years ago but let it expire, might sign up again since you also get one of their magazines. I think back in the old west days how a John Wayne type character would react to the possibility of government restricting his right to own and carry a gun; he would have laughed in your face and thought it completely preposterous... how far we've come (according to Boxer)