Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Come and take it!

This week Texas celebrates the 175th anniversary of it's independence from Mexico. The story of the Alamo is certainly compelling, as a handful of men took a stand against tyranny and fought for freedom against all odds, defying the much larger army of Santa Anna. Legendary figures such as James Bowie, Davie Crockett, and William Travis fought to the death for something they believed in.

At the center of the conflict was the action taken by Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, who replaced Mexico's Constitution with a new document, The Seven Laws, which disolved Congress and established him as the military-backed dictator. Santa Anna, fearing that the Texans were too independent, moved to solidify his control by disarming the outer colonies.

The conflict came to a head when Santa Anna attempted to take a small bronze cannon which the Texas militia had at Gonzales. Texans met the Mexican army at Gonzales with a flag defiantly daring the Mexicans to "Come and take it".

The Mexicans went home without the cannon, but returned with a much larger army, resulting in the battle of the Alamo, and ultimately in Texas victory at San Jacinto.

It occurs to me that we could use some of that spirit of defiance to tyranny in America today. When politicians and government bureaucrats chip away at our basic freedoms, instead of giving it up willingly and complacently going back to sleep, it is time to tell them to "Come and take it." They govern by the consent of the people. They work for us. We should not fear them, they should fear us.

They want to strip away our Second Amendment rights, just as Santa Anna came to confiscate the Texans cannon. Come and take it!

They want to take our autonomy in how we get medical care. Come and take it!

They want to take our property rights, imposing ever higher taxes to fund wealth transfer programs they have no authority to conduct. Come and take it!

They want to mortgage our future, burying our kids in debt which will consume most of what they produce in their entire lives. Come and take it!

They want to use our money to nationalize industries and bail out failed businesses. Come and take it!

They want to tax energy, bar the use of our own resources, and regulate the gas we exhale, stifling the economy, destroying jobs, and increasing our dependence on countries hostile to America? Come and take it!

It is time to say "No more!" You can have America when you "Come and take it". 2012 is coming and we will remember.

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