Tuesday, July 11, 2006


CNN reports that "Storied former CBS News anchor" Dan Rather has a new job on a premium high-definition TV channel.

According to my dictionary, storied means "recorded or celebrated in history or story".

Alternatively, "story" refers to "a fictitious tale, shorter and less elaborate than a novel." For instance, passing off forged memos in an attempt to smear the President just before an election.

In this context, "storied" must be a past-tense use of the second definition: a has-been fabricator of fiction.

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Tom said...

Actually.. Rather made his career by nailing Nixon to the wall.. and also did some rather brilliant work during and after Vietnam..

And ya.. he got taken in by the killian forgery, which was a mistake.. interesting though that the content of the document was essentially correct even though it was forged. Bush was AWOL from his job of defending our southern border from invasion by Mexicans... while John Kerry was in Vietnam..

In any case.. Dan Rather will be remembered long after you're forgotton.. regardless of whether you think he is "storied" or not.