Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No Giant

Moments after the Giants upset the Patriots on Sunday night, my dad and I were wondering how Hillary would capitalize on the win. We were both quite sure that she would claim the mantle of the winning Giants. Of course, if her adopted hometown team had lost, she would not have mentioned it. It is odd for Hillary to be seeking to be seen as the underdog or the long shot. She came into this election as the Presumptive President Elect, and if she is now the underdog it is because she botched the job and squandered her seemingly insurmountable lead.

CNN recaps Monday night on Letterman:

That rough, husky tone to New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's voice didn't come from the campaign trail.

"Every New Yorker has a sore throat after last night," Clinton told talk-show host David Letterman during her appearance Monday on "The Late Show." She said she had been rooting for the New York Giants while watching the Super Bowl in a Minneapolis sports bar.

Clinton said she was modeling her campaign for the Democratic nomination for president on the Giants' last-minute, 17-14 victory over the undefeated New England Patriots.

"I took a lot of heart from that, Dave," said Clinton, who is neck-and-neck in many polls with rival Barack Obama on the eve of the 22-state nomination contest. "The fourth quarter before Super Tuesday, you've got to keep going."

Hey Hillary -- you are no Giant.

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