Monday, February 25, 2008

Who is more unelectable?

Several people have asked why I would vote for Obama in the Texas primary instead of Monica Lewinski's ex-boyfriend's wife.

For one thing, this may be my only chance to vote AGAINST Hillary, and I don't want to miss such a historic opportunity.

But in addition, I think that B. Hussein Obama will be a weaker opponent in November.

I am well aware that the polls say that Obama does better against John McCain. These are the same polls which can't predict a 16-point Obama win the day before the Wisconsin primary. In fact, the polls have been consistently wrong about the primaries all year. Hillary's negatives are out in the open, and have been known for a decade. Obama's will come out over the course of the next months, and they will more than erase the edge he currently has over Hillary.

The left is currently having an Obama love-fest, and compared to Hillary, he looks pretty good. By any other measure, he is a lightweight with little experience, no significant legislative accomplishments, and vague policy proposals. He has gotten as far as this because he has never been in a race where his liberal ideology has been questioned. Running in Illinois is far different from most places in the country, and running against Clinton and Edwards, where there is little distinction in policy matters, Obama's far left ideas are accepted rather than torn apart and revealed for the garbage that they are. That leaves personality as the only distinction in the primaries, and Obama beats Clinton in that category hands down. People hoped that Hillary would be Bill Clinton part 2, but she is not at all like her husband. Sure, they are both liars, but when Bill Clinton lies, he looks straight in your eyes, shakes his finger, and makes you believe that he is being completely honest. When Hillary lies, everyone knows she is lying. The inability to lie believably is a fatal flaw for a Democrat candidate.

Obama has managed to be the leading contender for the Democrat primary without ever specifying what he would do as President. Instead, he has present himself as an empty shell into which any person can pour their hopes and dreams, and somehow believe that he is the answer to their individual problems. By framing the debate in terms of "change" and "hope" he allows each person to define those terms in any way they wish. He offers us empty rhetoric and expects a blank check in return. Obama has not been forced to lie much, as Hillary has, because he hasn't said anything at all. But in the end, hope does not come from the government, and "change" is a constant, and it is not always good. Eventually, Obama will have to specify what change he will make, and most people will not like it. The reality of surrendering the War on Terror, raising taxes, and putting your health care under government control will not be nearly as appealing as his vague but flowery speeches.

As the campaign transfers from the primaries to the general election, Obama's opponent will change from Hillary to John McCain, but his target audience will change as well. Now he will be fighting for the swing voters in the middle of the political spectrum, and they won't be satisfied with his empty leftist platitudes. They want substance, and Obama doesn't have it. John McCain has substance, and he's got it in spades. They will want to know what the candidate's experience is, and what are his qualifications for the job. In that category, McCain is a heavyweight, Obama is a featherweight. As voters watch the debates, they will want to know who has the knowledge and judgment to deal with the complex issues facing our nation. John McCain will absolutely eat Obama's lunch on specific policy issues.

Another clear distinction is in the area of patriotism. This goes way beyond Barack Hussein Obama's name and his connection, through his father, to Islam. Obama's essential message is on of running down America. He talks about "hope" as if without him America is hopeless, and "change" as if anything would be better than the way things are now. His wife let slip their central outlook on America -- it is something to be ashamed of. These Ivy-League educated, wealthy and successful people sound like whiny elitist brats. Compare that to John McCain, who turned down an offer for early release from his captors in the Hanoi Hilton base on the principle of "First In -- Last Out". He would not accept release until his fellow POWs were also released. McCain is undeniably an American Hero -- he is what John Kerry can only pretend to be. There was talk of an attempt to "Swiftboat" McCain. I say bring it on. In the face of McCain's true record, the backlash will carry him straight to the Oval Office.

I believe that John McCain could beat Hillary or Obama in November, but Obama will be much easier than Hillary. Barack peaked on February 4. It's all downhill from here, baby.

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