Monday, August 18, 2008

McCain smokes Obama...again

Obama currently stands at 1.5% ahead of McCain in the polls. At this point in 2004, John Kerry was much further ahead of George Bush. At this point in 2000, Al Gore was much further ahead of George Bush. At this point in 1988, Michael Dukakis was much further ahead of Bush Sr. At this point in 1980, Jimmy Carter was much further ahead of Ronald Reagan. At this point in 1972, George McGovern was much further ahead of Richard Nixon. The one thing they all have in common is that as America found out who they were and what they stood for, the initial lead that these liberal Democrats enjoyed evaporated away.

And twice more in the past few days, John McCain has clearly and unequivocally smoked Barry Obama.

The first case was in their responses to Russia’s aggression against Georgia. John McCain immediately denounced Russia’s actions as unacceptable and called on the world to stand solidly in support of Georgia. Barry Obama issued a wishy-washy, namby pamby statement saying that Russian and Georgia should be nicer and talk about their differences and maybe they should try holding hands and wearing tie-dyes because that always makes *me* feel so much better. Then he said that John McCain was shooting from the hip with his strong denunciation of Russian aggression. Two days later, Barry revised his statement to say that Russia really shouldn’t have invaded Georgia and they should get time out. Several days later he issued a third statement sounding much like John McCain’s “shooting from the hip” first statement, but suggesting that McCain was reckless to get it right the first time.

The second case was on Saturday when Barry Obama and John McCain answered questions from Rick Warren. Or at least John McCain answered the questions, sounding confident and forthright. Barry, who reported $4.2 million in household income for 2007, gave responses like “To answer the with specificity would be above my pay grade.” To fully appreciate how completely McCain smoked Obama, just look at the whining from the Obama camp immediately afterwards. They wasted no time in suggesting, without a shred of evidence, that John McCain “cheated” by listening to the questions in advance. I suppose that his vastly superior performance could not be explained by the fact that McCain gave direct, honest answers while Obama was searching for ambiguous, politically expedient ways to obscure his real opinions.

Look for more McCain victories and Obama excuses as the debates begin.

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