Monday, August 18, 2008

The phone made me do it

In this tale of tragedy and woe, we are reminded that cell-phones are the cause of everything.

HIGHLAND, Calif. — Authorities say a 16-year-old girl who died after losing control of her car had been texting on her cell phone moments before the accident.

Kayla Preuss, of Highland, was driving on the Interstate 10 Freeway in Redlands when she lost control of her car and crashed. She died of head injuries.

Authorities say Preuss had been driving drunk and was speeding. But another factor may have contributed to the crash.

Phone records show Preuss was texting just before the accident. Her cell phone, which was flipped open, was found resting on the floorboard by her feet.

Preuss' mother Kelly said she hopes the accident will make other people think before texting and driving.

Surely it was not the unsupervised sixteen-year-old drunk speeding female driver. It was the cell phone's fault.

She died of head injuries. No mention in the article that these injuries were congenital.

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