Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Best question

The best question in last night's debate was when Theresa Finch asked

How can we trust any of you with our money when both parties got -- got us into this global economic crisis?

The answer, of course, is that we can't and should not trust any politician with our money. That's why we should keep as much of it as possible, demand lower taxes, tell government to stop running things they have no Constitutional authority to be involved in, and vote out the bums who keep picking our pockets.


todd said...

My serious question to you, Don, is how do we really do that? You just said my vote in Texas doesn't count as much as some others. The framers of the Constitution are spinning in their graves at what we have made of this country. How can we really make substantive changes as individuals?

Don Dodson said...

Write letters, and find conservative candidates for Congress who are running in tight races, and send them a big fat check.

Texas is a sure win for McCain, so trying to help McCain here doesn't accomplish much. Your money is better spent by hand-picked candidates who are committed to lower taxes and less government spending, and who are in a close re-election race.