Friday, October 10, 2008


With three weeks until election day, if any journalist could convince Barack Obama to sit down for an interview away from BO's teleprompter, queue cards, and campaign spokesman/spin controller, here are a few very legitimate questions to ask:

When your lack of executive experience is pointed out today, why don't you point to your six years running Bill Ayres organization, where you administered CAC's distribution of more than $100 million to Chicago public schools?

How did William Ayres come to select you to run CAC?

What guidance did you receive from CAC founder William Ayres on how the money should be distributed?

How much contact did you have with William Ayres in that time frame?

As chairman of the CAC board, did you regularly report your actions to CAC founder, William Ayres?

Why did you omit your involvement with CAC from both of your autobiographies?

How do your statements that your contact with Ayres was distant, brief, and long-past square with spending six years ending in 1999 chairing an organization Ayres founded?

Did you stop running CAC in 1999 because the money ran out, or was it because you suddenly recognized that Ayres was not a good person to associate with?

You have tried to brush aside this issue as "Guilt by association". Given the fact that you were selected by Ayres to direct $50 million to Chicago public schools to advance Ayres political agenda, would it not be more accurate to call that "guilt by agreement?"

Mr. Obama, do you stand behind your 1997 characterization of Bill Ayre's book, A Kind and Just Parent arguing against the very existence of prisons in the United States, comparing our country and its incarceration system to apartheid in South Africa and calling for drastically softer sentences for juvenille murderers as being "a searing and timely account?"

Naturally I don't expect any journalist to pose these questions, or BO to answer them.

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