Monday, November 03, 2008

Reasons to vote BO

Before you vote, consider these questions. It ought to make you think twice before you vote for BO, unless you are a wacked out leftist, in which case he is your man.

1. Are you basing your vote mainly on what you've heard BO say about his plans and proposals? Remember that any politician can promise you the moon and the stars before the election. Any politician can regurgitate what his advisers have found the voters want to hear. The key is to see how the plans, proposals, and all the rhetoric square up with the record and reality. BO's record is often the very opposite of his lofty rhetoric. He says he wants to bring us all together and end the partisanship in Washington. In fact, both his friends and foes confess that he has not once reached across the political aisle on any issue of consequence. Can you really expect an extreme left-wing radical extremist liberal, who votes the party line 98 percent of the time, to bring us altogether?

2. Are you voting for BO because you find him likeable and eloquent? He may be that, but that's not enough. If you are looking for a heart surgeon, do you want someone who is likeable and eloquent, or someone who knows how to do heart surgery? It's easy to vote on the superficial, but that could be a formula for disaster. BO is clearly not up to the job. His foreign policy blunders show he doesn't have a clue: Iran is a tiny country and not a threat to us, and that's just one of many.

3. Do you believe that BO is what might be called a moderate, a centrist, or a middle-of-the-roader? In fact, the National Journal found him to be the most liberal member of Congress, even more liberal than the man in the number two position, socialist Bernie Sanders, and more liberal than Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry. To call him a liberal is to put him closer to the center than he deserves to be. He is a radical, an extremist, a socialist, and a hard-line left-wing liberal. Consider his position on abortion as an example. He actually opposed a bill in the Illinois legislature to give born-alive infants as a result of a botched abortion a right to medical care and a right to life. This puts him in the column favoring infanticide and murder. This has been documented seven ways to Sunday, despite his usual denials. He is considered the most extreme pro-abortion advocate in the Senate. He has never voted for any restriction on abortion, such as requiring parental consent for a minor. He voted in favor of the barbaric partial birth abortion. He favors the legislation that would nullify any state restrictions on abortion. He views the central purpose of the U.S. Constitution as allowing and facilitating abortion. He would deny hospitals and doctors the right to refuse to do abortions, and would thus threaten to close all Catholic hospitals.

4. Are you voting for BO because you agree that we need change? You may not like what's going on now, but that's not the question. There is good change and bad change. Do you know what kind of change BO has in mind? Look at his record, and you'll find he's going to dish up, in its most extreme form, the failed policies of the Democratic Party - high taxation, big government, more spending, more regulation, more welfare, soak the rich (meaning soak small business and entrepreneurs so they will not be able to create jobs and serve as the engine of prosperity), and weaken national defense. He is all talk and no action. He says he'll cut spending. But whenever asked, he can't name a single program he plans on cutting. He confuses rhetoric with reality.

5. Do you favor BO based on his claim he will give 95 percent of Americans an income tax cut? Doesn't that sound too good to be true? How can you cut taxes, spend an additional trillion, give everyone the Cadillac of health insurance of the kind congressmen get, give every youngster a college education, send billions every year to the corrupt U.N. to end world poverty, pay for the $700 billion bailout, pay another $300 billion for another stimulus package, pour billions into alternative energy, etc. etc. etc. He's a politician, not a magician, and clearly not an honest one at that. There's another fraud buried in the 95 percent promise. Forty percent of Americans don't even pay income taxes so he's really designed a welfare program disguised as a tax refund and a tax cut program. He is going to "soak the rich." The "rich" already pay most of the income tax bill (the top 10 percent pay 70 percent of the total bill; the bottom 50 percent pay only 2.6 percent of the total bill). If he loads up on the high end earners, they will simply not play, i.e., they will stop investing, creating jobs and opening new enterprises. That's what happens when your program involves drowning small businessmen and entrepreneurs in a flood of higher taxes. He says 98 percent of small businesses will not be affected by his tax increases on small business. That may be true, as most small businesses don't even have employees. But the ones that do are few in number compared to the ones who don't. But they are the very group that will be driven out of business, or driven to lay off employees, or driven to kill expansion plans. They are the ones that generate about 70 percent of small business income. He'll stick it to small business, and jack up the capital gains tax, the dividend tax, and the payroll tax for these businessmen. Then he'll throw in a windfall profits tax, increase the death tax, and throw in some other tax increases for good measure. So he may give you a welfare check or a refund, but that won't make up for the job losses and depression or recession that his tax scheme will aggravate or produce. One other caution: He keeps lowering the definition of "wealthy". It started at $300,000, a few weeks ago it was $250,000, and now Biden says they will increase taxes on anyone making more than $150,000. Gov. Bill Richardson said BO will raise taxes on those making more than $120,000. Do I hear $100,000 or $50,000 or $42,000? When they soak the rich that involves adjusting the definition downward for almost everyone. Look at the record. He recently voted to increase taxes on those making as little as $42,000, and has a long record of voting for tax increases. It's easy to promise tax cuts a la Clinton and then turn around and increase taxes after the election. If you think Clinton was bad on this point, wait until you see what BO might do. Don't rely on BO to keep promises. Look what he did with his promise to take public financing. He broke that promise even before the election. Can you imagine how quickly he'll break promises after the election?

6. Do you like his plan for universal health care? He would deliver universal health care in its most expensive Cadillac form, bankrupting the treasury and destroy the quality of care. We still haven't figured out how to finance Medicare, which only covers senior citizens. This is a much bigger plan. Where will the doctors and hospitals come from the provide care for the 47 million new insureds? There won't be enough to go around, so they will have to ration care. BO also wants taxpayers to pay for medical care for illegal immigrants. So when you have to choose between an organ transplant for a 25-year-old illegal immigrant and a 65-year-old senior, under the typical rationing system, the seniors will be out in the cold. BO promises to reduce everyone's premium by $2,500, which is the biggest slice of baloney ever dished up by a promise-the-moon candidate. He's going to do that by implementing new efficiencies, such as digital medical records. Every health-care reformer in the history of the world promises all kinds of major efficiencies and economies and elimination of fraud, waste, and corruption, but they don't succeed. If he is so smart and so able to save taxpayer moeny, why hasn't he accomplished any little bit of that improvement in the Senate? Even sound improvements take years to implement and may actually take major investments to bring about. Digital recordkeeping system cost hospitals millions of dollars which won't be paid off for many years. BO demagogues McCain's plan, saying that McCain wants to tax the cost of employer-provided medical insurance. That is a dishonest representation of McCain's free-market plan which levels to playing field so that everyone can afford an insurance plan and people still have the freedom to pick their own insurance, their own doctor, rather than being forced into a government run disaster. I've found that the less a politician knows about health care, the more grandiose his proposals. It's easy to build heath delivery castles in the sky when you aren't limited by reality. The health care delivery system we have is the best in the world, even with its defects. But BO will make it a lot worse.

7. Do you still believe that BO can work all this magic, cutting taxes and spending like a typical liberal Democrat? If you do, why hasn't BO been pulling off some of this magic during his Senate tenure? I'll tell you why. He's spent most of his time writing his second book and running for president. If he has such magical plans and proposals, why hasn't he accomplished anything of note in his legislative career in the Illinois state house and in the U.S. Senate? I'll tell you why, and that's because he's all talk and pretty speeches, and no action and sound solutions. Here's the classic example. He said he saw the present financial crisis coming a few years ago. So he said he wrote a letter to the secretary of the Treasury and the chairman of the Federal Reserve and he says they did nothing. He's a U.S. senator being paid to legislate and not write complaint letters. But he's so deep into his oratorical delusions he thinks that saying it makes it happen. If he weren't deluded, he wouldn't have even told that story about his solution to the greatest financial crisis of our time: write two letters and forget it. And that fits into his approach when emergency legislation was being debated in Congress. He said, "I have a phone. You know where to get me. Call me if you need me." If he were a general, he'd tell his troops that he has a phone and to call if they need him. Some general; some leader.

8. Do you want a strong president who can stand up to his party, to special interest groups, and to foreign enemies? Then don't pick BO who seems to be too weak to stand up to anyone. He couldn't even stand up to the corrupt Chicago political machine. He has never stood up to his own party and dissented on a major political issue. He carries water for his union supporters, putting teacher's demands above improving the quality of education. He shows no inclination to stand up to our enemies abroad. He called for restraint on the part of the invaded Georgians instead of denouncing the illegal aggressor Russians. He called for understanding of the terrorists after 9/11. He has never shown a speck of political courage or any other kind of courage. Compare that with the record of Sen. John McCain.

9. Do you want a president who insists on free and open debate and stands behind the First Amendment and its guarantees of free speech? Then don't vote for the candidate who has done everything proper and improper to shut down any criticism directed his way. He called for harassment and intimidation of a Chicago radio station that planned interview two of his critics. He encouraged prosecutors in St. Louis to threaten critics with criminal prosecution on the pretense they may have said something that was false. He called on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate an organization that had been critical of him. He boycotted a Florida television station after its anchor asked Sen. Biden some tough questions. Most recently he threw three newspapers off his campaign plane for endorsing John McCain. They are the Washington Times, the New York Post and the Dallas Morning News. He instigated an investigation and a smear campaign against "Joe the Plumber" whose only offense was asking a question. He avoids exposure to the press. As I've learned from my own experience, his campaign ignores questions that aren't the usual softballs thrown his way by the mainstream media. He stonewalls, as he did for many months when questions came in about his land deal with the corrupt politician and convicted felon Tony Rezko. He is hypersensitive to criticism and tries to turn it aside with his usual comment of "that's the old politics." When asked about his long-term and close association and collaboration with terrorists, bigots, racists, America-haters, and subversives he says let's stick to the big issues.

10. Do you want a president who will make sure our democratic values are protected and we continue to be the greatest and freest nation in the world totally committed to our Constitution and our democratic values? Then don't vote for BO. The mainstream media does not report on news that might hurt Obama's electoral chances. Instead they fawn over him as if he is a Messiah or Savior. The media is so invested in him they are likely to continue to deify him after the election. This means we will have our mainstream media only reporting the government party line. Tomorrow, you should not only vote against BO but also against the biased, dishonest and fraudulent mainstream media.

11. Do you want a candidate who will heal any racial divide that remains in this country? Then don't vote for BO, as he is shown he is willing to play the race card to win votes. You heard him falsely claim the Republicans plan to say that he has a strange name that he doesn't look like the other presidents on our currency, and that, yes, he is black. That is a false and libelous charge but it shows you he is willing to stoop to any depths to win votes, including playing the race card. Compare that with John McCain. He was so intent on keeping race out of the race, that he didn't even take advantage of Sen. Obama's long and close association with the racist, bigot, America-hater Rev. Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright, because he thought that might stir racial divisions, as Rev. Wright is black. Sen. McCain goes out of his way and doesn't take advantage of a powerful and legitimate issue to avoid racial animosity; BO jumps right in and stirs it up.

12. Do you want to elect someone whose record is out in the open and who has been vetted by the media and demonstrated to be someone you can trust? Then don't vote for BO who has been given a free pass by the mainstream media that has kept all but favorable information about BO from the public. BO has stonewalled and deceived when confronted with questions. He won't even release a copy of his birth certificate. There are years of his life that he has kept secret, such as his time at Columbia and Occidental. When confronted with some crooked, racist, bigoted, or America-hating associate he claims he really didn't know about that side of the person. He was in Rev. Wright's church for 20 years, he read his newsletters and accounts of Rev. Wright's highly publicized ravings and rantings in the Chicago media, and yet he never figured out what Wright stood for. This is the BO's pattern. Now he claims he didn't know about his long-time ally Bill Ayres, even though Ayres introduce BO into the Chicago political scene and hand-picked him to run his Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a radical organization whose purpose was to use the public schools to indoctrinate kids with socialist ideology. This is what proves he is either the dumbest graduate of Harvard's law school in history or the biggest liar in American presidential political history. Does BO know the people he knows? If he is such a poor judge of character, should we trust him to appoint cabinet leaders, judges, and other government officials? Don't take a risk with your future and the future of America and the free world.

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