Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More fractals

Several people asked about the fractal I posted last week, so I'll post a few more, even though this is somewhat off topic for this blog. These are images of the Mandelbrot Set, which is a generating function involving imaginary numbers. It just takes a few lines of code to generate the image, but the detail in the image is limitless. This means that you can zoom in on one portion of the image and find more detail. My program allows the user to select a rectangle with the mouse, and then zooms in on that rectangle. Here is the top level of the Mandelbrot Set.

Here are other views, zoomed in closely to different parts of the Mandelbrot Set. Remember that you can click on any image to see it in full resolution.

If anyone would like to try this program out, I'll give you a copy. It's kind of fun in a geeky sort of way.


The Donald said...

Far out! You should license it to the UTA planetarium for their Rock-n-Roll all stars show. It'd be great with some Pink Floyd.

The Donald said...

Does the fractal generator have motion, or are they static images?

Don Dodson said...

They are static images.