Saturday, April 25, 2009

Best cities for jobs

Forbes Magazine recently published their 2009 ratings for job markets in different cities. The results were rather remarkable.

Texas cities held all 5 top spots on the ranking of large cities. Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin were the five best cities in the nation to find a good job.

On the list of mid-sized cities, Texas held two of the top ten spots.

Texas towns held half of the top ten slots for small cities.

The overall list which included cities of all sizes was not much different. Texas held seven of the top ten slots. With 8% of the nation's population, Texas grabbed 70% of the space in the ranking of the best job markets. It's just not fair.

To find any sign of the big liberal Meccas of New York or California, you have to search down to location fifty, where Bakersfield California makes the state's only showing in the top 100. New York doesn't make the list until position 90, where tiny Ithaca pops its head up. New York City is at at location 95 and Los Angeles is ranked an abysmal 279th.

Texas must be doing something right.

If high taxes and intrusive government was a winning proposition, California and New York ought to be dominating Texas.

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David H said...

have you seen the TV commercial with Aaahnold and his wife and they're extolling the virtues of "Kaalifornia" trying to get people to come? If Schwarzenegger and Paterson keep robbing Peter to pay Paul, only Paul will remain in their states...