Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Statist Indoctrination Centers

Last night a friend told me that his son came home from school and announced that the swine flu outbreak is caused by our lack of government-run health care. He knows because his 10th grade social studies teacher says so.

So let's get this straight:

Here is what you know if you go to a government-run school:
  • Flu outbreaks are caused by not having government health care
And here is what you don't know if you go to a government-run school:
  • The Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • How to locate the United States on a map
  • What we can learn from history
  • How to think critically
  • Why the Federalist Papers are important
  • How to express an idea in a grammatically correct sentence
  • The significance of America's Christian heritage
  • Math
So what makes anyone believe that government would do better with health care than they do with education?


todd said...

i am educatoin from goverment school dont mak fun of me.

The Donald said...

He's right, D², there are plenty of other reasons to make fun of him...