Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Marriage rights already equal

The California Legislature just passed a bill allowing same-sex marriages. The bill is likely to be vetoed by the Governor, or struck down by the courts, but I'm still going to disect the reasoning of the bill's supporters. They say that they want equal rights for homosexuals to marry.

I got married ten years ago, so my memory of the trip to the courthouse to apply for a marriage license is a bit hazy. So I stopped by the desk of a co-worker who got married recently to make sure that I was not forgetting anything about the application process. I asked him if they asked about his sexual orientation when he applied for a marriage license. He assured me that they did not. Apparently my memory served me well, and they have not surreptitiously slipped that question into the application in recent years. It seems that they decide who will and who will not get a marriage license without knowing the sexual orientation of either person. This means that the rules are exactly the same for homosexual people as for heterosexual people. Anyone is permitted to marry a member of the opposite sex, without regard for sexual orientation. No one is permitted to marry a member of the same sex. So where is the inequality? The real problem that the homosexual political lobby has is with the definition of marriage. Marriage is a life-long covenant relationship between one man and one woman, witnessed by family and friends and sealed by God. It was created this way by God and is not open for redefinition.

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