Monday, September 12, 2005

Meet the responsible party

In 1977, Save Our Wetlands sued the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the construction of a flood control project which would have protected New Orleans from the flood surge of a category 5 hurricane. They claimed that this project would damage wetlands in the Mississippi river delta region.

The irony in the statement of Judge Schwartz is staggering: “It is the opinion of the Court that plaintiffs herein have demonstrated that they, and in fact all persons in this area, will be irreparably harmed if the barrier project based upon the August, 1974 FEIS [federal environmental impact statement] is allowed to continue.”

Now the "Save Our Wetlands" web site is trying to deny responsibility for blocking this project which could have saved many lives, spared thousands of family's homes from destruction, and prevented billions of dollars of damage. Their statement also attempts to avoid the "environmentalist" label from being applied to their organization, claiming that they are just a bunch of commercial fishermen and crabmen. However, their web page contains the following links, betraying their true environmental wacko status:, Carbusters Magazine, Auto-Free New York, World of Biopower, Biomass, Green Building, Green Energy, Green Living, Green Peace, Sierra Club, TheOzoneHole, United Naitons Environment Program, , Vote Hemp, Hemp Industries Association, Hemp Lobby, Global Hemp, Hemp Car, and many more. The news section is full of the standard alarmist nonsence about melting polar ice caps, global warming, and greenhouse gases as well as liberal political opinions relating to Iraq, the last presidential election, 9/11, and even an article suggesting that the tsunami last December was caused by President Bush. No fishing or crabing links at all.

Twenty eight years ago, Save Our Wetlands prevented the Army Corps of Engineers to build a project which would have prevented much of the devastation we see today in Lousiana. In good liberal fashion, they valued wetlands above humans and protected marshes rather than families. Capitalism is seen as the ultimate evil, and nature is the ultimate good.

But Save Our Wetlands puts it best on their own web site. Meet the people responsible for the destruction of New Orleans:

"We call ourselves culture jammers. We are a loose global network of artists, activists, writers, environmentalists, ecological economists, media literacy teachers, green entrepreneurs, reborn Lefties, ecofeminists, downshifters, highschool shit disturbers, campus rabble rousers, dropouts, incorrigibles, poets and philisophers. We are idealists, anarchists, guerrila tacticians, hoaxters, pranksters, neo-Luddites, malcontents and punks. Our aim is to topple exisitng power structures and forge major adjustments to the way we will live in the 21st century."

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