Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Chocolate New Orleans

In honor of New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin and their new Republican Governor, Bob Jindal and their much improved handling of Gustov, I am reposting my recipe for a Chocolate New Orleans posted exclusively here on February 28, 2006. It appears that Nagin was concerned that another failure like Katrina, where he left hundreds of New Orleans school buses to be inundated by floodwater instead of using them to evacuate people in front of the storm, might result in voters telling him to "get your butt moving out of New Orleans right now".
  1. Start off with a large brownie with chocolate chunks baked into it.
  2. Apply a generous layer of chocolate mousse.
  3. Add a second brownie.
  4. Lay down a thin layer of chocolate pudding.
  5. Add a third brownie.
  6. Put two large scoops of chocolate ice cream on top.
  7. Cover it with a generous layer of hot fudge.
  8. Sprinkle dark chocolate shavings on the hot fudge.
  9. Have a transvestite from the French Quarter pee all over it.


todd said...

You could fry that and sell it at the State Fair!

Don Dodson said...

Todd, to sell it at the State Fair you would have to add bacon, then soak it in butter, batter it, and then deep fry it.