Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stand up for Joe

We've all seen the email saying that Joe Biden is going to drop out of the race after the VP debate, and be replaced by Hillary. While anything is possible, I don't have any reason to believe that whoever originated this email has any special inside information. I am certain that BO is kicking himself for picking Biden, and Joe himself says that Hillary would have been a better pick, but at this point BO is pretty much stuck with the bumbling but lovable guy. And that is fine with me. While Sarah Palin is propelling the McCain/Palin ticket, Biden is dragging down "Barack America". When I hear the verbal train wreck that is Joe Biden, one word comes to mind: terrible. McCain doesn't have to go on the attack -- just wait for Biden to open his mouth and switch feet, a move he learned as President during the First World War.

So let's stand up for Joe Biden.

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