Friday, January 30, 2009

Love America, not the tumor

The left is in a tizzy about Rush Limbaugh daring to say something that I said a few days earlier: I hope that President Obama fails. They are out in full force, smelling blood in the water, DNC talking points telling them to attack conservative's patriotism. Frank Schaeffer starts out with a particularly absurd statement: both Limbaugh and Al-Qaeda want BO to fail. So Al-Qaeda hopes we stay in Iraq and keep killing their suicide bombers in droves. Obama bin Biden (oops, Freudian slip, I meant Osama bin Laden) is crossing his fingers and praying to Allah that BO fails to weaken America? Al-Qaeda operatives are lining up for waterboarding at Gitmo? It would just make the terrorist's day if we learned of their plans for mass carnage by listening in on their phone calls to terror cells operating in America, captured them and threw away the key? They are just begging for more bombs and less talk? If anyone is cheering for BO to succeed, it is Al-Qaeda.

I want BO to fail for the same reason that I want Al-Qaeda to fail: they are both seeking to do harm to America.

The liberal mantra that it is unpatriotic to oppose their messiah is based on the basic liberal fallacy that America's government is America and therefore love of country requires love of the government and everything that it does. I love America because it is the world's protector of freedom and liberty and a land of endless opportunity for every person. I respect the Constitution which protects those principles by limiting government's power to prevent it from becoming tyrannical, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to our military which fights to establish and defend freedom and liberty, both for America and for others.

To illustrate this dichotomy, let me tell you about a family I know at my Church. Their little daughter, Tory, has neuroblastoma, a form of cancer which attacks the brain and central nervous system. Her father, a pastor from Ukraine, brought her to Fort Worth for treatment. Having talked with Tory's mother and father I can tell you that they deeply love their daughter. They also hate the cancer that is choking the life out of her. They have gone through many rounds of chemotherapy and surgery to remove the cancer. It is a painful process and sometimes it takes Tory right to the edge of death.

You could say that they hope the cancer fails.

So does that mean that they hate their daughter? Of course not! They love their daughter and therefore they hate the cancer that is killing her.

In the same way I hate the tumors of liberalism, of runaway government spending, of egalitarianism and collectivism, of socialism which chokes the life out of economies and kills freedom, of the soft tyranny which looks to government as the solution to every problem and justifies crippling taxation as necessary to achieve equality of outcome. I hate the cancer of all BO stands for because I love my country and I can't stand by and let the cancer run its disastrous course. BO is not America and their fates are not synonymous. I want BO's Presidency to fail because that is the only way that America can succeed.


David H said...

We can only pray BO and Pelosi don't do so much damage while in power that we can't recover... or recover in our lifetimes, or make us so weak so as to fear of actually losing our country...

The Donald said...

Well, as 'loyal opposition', our role is to educate our fellow citizens that we are, in fact, sovereign citizens, and disabuse them of the [currently] fashionable notion that we are subjects of the state.

Ultimately, it's up to us [the citizenry] to determine when government has overstepped its bounds. Back when men [and presumably women, as well] understood what inalienable rights meant, there were brave souls with backbone who did just that.

It's unclear whether any remain today.