Friday, January 30, 2009

Media in the Tank

We all have known for a long time that the media is way off the liberal deep end. The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. are completely, one hundred percent in the tank for BO. So the recent news coverage is nothing surprising, but it does provide further confirmation, as if we needed any.
These t-shirts being hocked on CNN, presumably to make up for sagging revenues from their plunging audience numbers, are a prime example. The one pictured above features the headline from their gushing video of inauguration day, filled with people overcome with emotion by the wonderfulness of having another big-government liberal president.
If this one isn't enough to make you puke, there are plenty more:
  • This is America happening
  • Obama's era of change arrives
  • Obama fever goes global as hopes rise
  • 44th president is a 1st for the nation
  • Obama's moment arrives
  • Obama: It's time to remake America
  • Change comes to Washington
  • Obama: 'We have chosen hope'
  • 'This is my moment too,' witness says
  • Obama makes history
  • Cheers great Obama on parade route
  • One dad sees MLK's dream in Obama
  • Lovey-dovey first couple melts hearts
  • A long way since Jim Crow, Powell says
  • Inaugural tickets hot, hot, hot
  • Obama inspires historic victory
  • Obama fever spreads around the world
You know, there is medicine for that fever.
Noticeably absent are:
But do not fear, I am here to take up the slack. Right now on you can find the missing headline tshirts. Don't miss your chance to buy a piece of history!

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