Friday, February 06, 2009


I've been saying for a couple of weeks that BO's "stimulus" bill is little more than a huge barrel of pork handed out to his key Democrat special interest groups. Here is a rundown of all the stuff in the bill, very little of which creates real jobs or boosts the economy. A quarter of a billion dollars for film for Hollywood? $850 million for Amtrak? The bill is filled with wealth transfer programs, funding for various departments of the government, and loads of money to unviable "green energy" research which is likely to never amount to anything. In addition, the bill will transfer $79 billion from states who worked to balance their budget to states that didn't. In other words, from states run responsibly by Republicans to those run into the ground by Democrats.


The Donald said...

Isn't giving money to Hollyweird kind of like subsidizing the local meth dealer?

Wow, the thought of our tax dollars given to the amoral geniuses in Gomorrah-by-the-Sea so that they can corrupt more generations with their toxic sludge.

Actually, I know I shouldn't paint with such a broad brush, but it does seem the preponderance of SoCal's output is diametrically opposed to my values system.

Don Dodson said...

You are right about Hollywood, but they were key players in getting BO elected, so now they are due for their payoff.