Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why the outrage?

I got an email from a co-worker about a certain actress who went on an anti-Jesus rant in her Emmy acceptance speech. She said that "A lot of people get up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that nothing had less to do with this award than Jesus." She went on to tell Jesus to "Suck it". The email encouraged Christians to boycott her show.

Now I had never heard of this particular actress or the show for which she won an Emmy, and I wouldn't watch the show even if she had gotten up there and recited the Lord's Prayer, so saying that I am boycotting the show would be pretty pointless. Even so, I don't see any reason to be outraged by what she said. Her statement is no different from what every person on earth, starting with Adam, has said to God.

Every person thinks that their own way is better than God's way. This belief is based on the lie that God's law is intended to deprive us of something good. God's law is based in His love for us and His way results in every blessing. Adam's sin was much deeper than the act of eating a piece of fruit. He was rejecting God's way, which leads to life, and asserting his independence to follow his own way, which leads to pain, destruction, and death. Each one of us has followed in that same pattern, telling God that we don't need Him, we can do better on our own, and He can "Suck it." That act of defiance to God is responsible for all the evil in the world. We can't say that we don't deserve it because we choose it. Blaming God for the consequences of our rebellion against Him makes no sence at all.

The fact is that God would have been completely justified in leaving us to self-destruct, and then say, "I told you so" as we enter eternity seperated from Him. But He didn't. Knowing full well that this actress would look Him in the face and tell him to "Suck it", Jesus, God in human flesh, loved her so much that He gave His life to save her. She has been offered the most precious gift imaginable that she could never deserve or earn, but she rejects His forgiveness and tells Him to "Suck it." Rather than outrage, that makes me incredibly sad for her.


David H said...

By grace alone... Much the same way the people who spit on our soldiers when they return home from war do not deserve the protection of our freedom our soldiers afford them.

The Donald said...

I have heard about the actress/comedienne. I'm not so much outraged as disappointed.

The woman possesses a modicum of talent, but she's not a major draw. It seems that her mini-rant was of the 'shock' variety, a ploy emblematic of the cynic's axiom that "all PR is good PR".

Nonetheless, I suspect that her calculus was misguided, inasmuch as lukewarm Christian, possibly even some non-believers, probably felt that her display was beyond the pale.

I agree that it's wasted energy to get apoplectic about this, and also that I can't very well boycott that which I was not consuming to begin with. But we can pray that she finds truth.