Tuesday, February 10, 2009

While you're at it, buy me a kitchen

In last night's press conference did you see that woman who, back in October, was gushing about how BO was going to buy her gas and pay for her house? She showed up again, wondering where her freebies are, and asking him to throw in a new car and a kitchen as well. After all, he's been in office for three weeks, so what's the holdup? Ok, maybe it was not the same woman. BO drones all share the pathetic stupidity of expecting the government to take care of all of their problems.

Now any reasonable person would have taken the opportunity to clear up some common misperceptions. In America if you want to improve your situation you go get educated, develop some marketable skills, work your tail off, and earn your own way. But BO didn't tell her that. He told her to talk to his staff and they'll see what they can do.

BO's vision of America is of a place where all good things come from government. The financial crisis is a result of government, and the solution is a massive expansion of government. Health care can only be accomplished by another massive expansion of government. And if you want to remodel your kitchen, talk to the President's staff.


todd said...

I saw BO tonight on the news at some sort of town hall type thing. This woman got the mic and started crying saying she was homeless, living in her car with her kids, and asked BO if he could please help her. He blessed her with a kiss and a promise to do his best. I thought she was lucky to at least get a kiss.

The Donald said...

Speaking of kitchens, she'd better stock her pantry, because before long, President O's Treasury is gonna look like Mother Hubbard's cupboard!

The Donald said...

In July 1959, then Vice President Richard Milhous Nixon engaged Soviet Premier Khrushchev in the so-called "Kitchen Debates" in Moscow, featuring a mock up of a typical American home, replete with the accoutrements of the day.
The idea was to show the advantage of the American capitalistic system, and it also had the effect of elevating Nixon's stature, helping secure his nomination as GOP candidate the next year.

Fast forward nearly half a century, and now we're going pinko, and now the kitchen is supposed to come from the State instead of capitalism.

Strange days, indeed.

The Donald said...

That woman should demand that BHO give her a Viking range and a Sub-Zero icebox with her kitchen makeover. Don't be lettin' the government off the hook with no Roper and HotPoint appliances!

People have to have standards.